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College Press is proud to provide Bible-In-Life Curriculum to be used in training preschoolers through adults to love the Word and to become dedicated believers and servants of the Lord.


How to Order

There are no minimum quantities required when ordering curriculum from us. When placing an order, you can order as many teacher guides and student books as you need.

New curriculum are available for purchase once a quarter (winter, spring, summer, and fall). Once you've made your purchase, we'll follow up with you when the next curriculum is available for sale.

To better serve your needs and offer you the best price, please place your order by calling 800.289.3300 or emailing us at



All samples below are previews of the material available for sale. 

Bible-In-Life Scope and Sequence chart


Toddler 18 - 36 months

Starting Steps (Craft/Take-Home)  

Teacher's Guide


Preschool  3 years - Pre-Kindergarten

My Sunday Pictures (Take Home)

Teacher's Guide

Make It/Take It (Craft Book)


Early Elementary  Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Bible Beginnings (Student Book)

Teacher's Guide  

Make It/Take It (Craft Book)  

Storytime (Take Home)


Elementary  2nd & 3rd Grade

Discovery Pack (Craft Book)  

Bible Discoveries (Student Book)  

Teacher's Guide  

Friends (Take Home)


Upper Elementary  4th & 5th Grade


Middle School  6th - 8th Grade

Student Book 

Teacher's Guide 


High School  9th - 12th Grade

Blueprint (Student Magazine)



Student Book


To order some curriculum material, please place your order by calling 800.289.3300 or emailing us at